Podcast | Breathe Studio


Episode 1

Amy and Jono introduce themselves! We learn about their beginnings in the Yoga and Wellness industry, and the path travelled to where they both are now.


Episode 2

Amy and Jono speak to Antonia and Ken Johnston; two of the Founders of the family run YogaFit retreats. In combining their skills, (Antonia as a dancer and yoga teacher, and Ken as a photographer and Videographer) the pair moved to Ibiza in 2015 to begin the adventure of creating accessible and affordable retreats on the White Isle.


Episode 3

Amy and Jono speak to Gemma Kelly, the Owner and Founder of The Yoga Bar; Yoga and wellness studio based in Twickenham. Gemma speaks about the parallels of running a studio and her other highly demanding career as a family law Barrister, and managing a community through uncertain times.

Episode 4

**Trigger Warning: The Topics of mental health and addiction are addressed in this episode of the podcast**

Amy and Jono speak to Wonder Woman Bridget Hunt; Life coach, author and entrepreneur (amongst other things!). Bridget speaks about the importance of honesty and authenticity on social media, why less is more, and candidly speaks about mental health and addiction.